Ayat of the day

Allahu laaa ilaaha illaa Huu. Al-Hayyul-Qayyuum. Laa ta-khuzuhuu sinatunw-wa laa nawm. Lahuu maa fissamaawaati wa ma fil-arz. Man-zallazii yashfa-u indahuuu illaa bi-iznih? Ya-lamu maa bayna aydiihim wa maa khalfahum. Wa laa yuhiituuna bi-shay-im-min ilmihiii illaa bimaa shaaa. Wasi-a Kursiyyu-hus-Samaawaati wal-arz wa laa ya-uuduhuu hifzu-humaa wa Huwal-Aliyyul-Aziim.

Hadith of the day

Abu Qilaba narrated , Anas reported: The Holy Prophet said : There are three qualities whoever possesses them will find the sweetness of faith: that Allah and His Messenger become more beloved to Him than any one else, and when he loves some one he will not love him but for the pleasure of Allah, and he will hate to return to disbelieve as he hates to be thrown into the fire. (Al-Bukhari)

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Spreading Islam as a doctrine, law and behavior on the basis of the Qur'an, the Sunnah (Prophet's (Peace be upon him) ways) and the understanding of the pious followers of the Muslim nation. Establishing correct Islamic doctrines deeply in the individual and developing a unified Muslim personality or character. Trying to direct Islamic communities to submit to the law of God and to judge from His Law only. Renewing scientific and propagational awareness as well as uplifting the educational and ideological level among Muslims. Educating new generations according to Islamic doctrines and in accordance with Islamic norms and moral standards. Confronting ideological and atheistic invasion. Calling non-Muslims to Islam and propagating it among them. Educating and guiding Muslim Women. Cooperating with Islamic organizations, calling propagational groups and striving to unify the Islamic communities according to the authentic law of Islam. 

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